The Shrinking Market For Freelance Web Design Services

How’s your business doing? Is it growing? Are you gaining new clients? Or is the opposite happening? Are you finding your clients are fewer and further between?

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SVG Basics—How to Work with Scalable Vector Graphics

Whenever I talk about responsive images, I mention that where possible, scalable vector graphics are a preferred option to bitmap images. The last time I offered the advice, I realized I didn’t know as much about SVG as I should.

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My 2015 Goals—In the Middle Of A Transition

Happy New Year. I hope you didn’t stay out too late last night and are paying for it today. Me? I barely noticed when 2014 ended and 2015 began. I rarely pay attention to the clock. I have been thinking about 2015 though.

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My 2014 Goals—Always Keep Your Hands Busy

Happy Holidays everyone. As has become my custom, the last post I publish each year takes a look back at the goals I set for that year and whether or not I succeeded in accomplishing them. I give myself a grade and reflect on each goal to learn what I can before setting goals for the coming year.

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Twas the Night Before…
Flat Design

Happy Holidays All.

A few years back, 2007 to be exact, Christmas Eve coincided with one of my regularly scheduled days for a blog post. Figuring not many people would be paying attention, I decided to have a little bit of fun with the holiday poem A Visit from St. Nocholas.
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