This Week In SEO – 10/26/07

One more baseball dedicated edition of This Week In SEO as the World Series is under way. As a Yankee fan living in Colorado I have double the reasons to root against the Red Sox this year. Sorry New England, but you know how it is. I respect your team, but I can’t root for them. Go Rockies!

As always there’s more at my profile, particularly some of the social media and blogging posts I was forced to cut from the links here. If you do visit my profile check out Jakob Neilsen’s Alertbox on passive voice. It goes against common wisdom, but makes a lot of sense. Now on with the show.
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Best Search Engine…Ever

When you want to know who’s truly the best you ask an insider. Want to know who the best ball player is? Ask a ball player. Want to know who’s acting performance was best? Ask an actor. You ask someone with experience in the industry, because industry insiders understand nuances the rest of us will miss. It stands to reason if you want to know which search engine is best you should go directly to the source and ask the search engines. So who do search engines think is the best search engine?
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Should SEOs Work For Commission?

Would you offer your seo services for commission only? As a small business owner would you request someone to market your site based only on how many sales you make? The question of commission based seo services arose in a thread on the Small Business Forum where the original poster was hoping to get just that. He wanted to get in the top 10 in Google or Yahoo offering 10% of sales generated from search engine optimization in return. Would you take the deal?
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Video Monday: Google And Ask

I happened across a couple of videos this weekend I found interesting and thought I’d share them here. They’ve both been making the rounds so it’s possible you’ve seen them, but perhaps one or the other will be new to you.
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This Week In SEO – 10/19/07

Mid week I had planned on dedicating today’s post to Dell customer and technical support for repairing an ill computer faster than expected, but I changed my mind today and will continue with the baseball dedications and specifically dedicate today’s This Week In SEO post to Joe Torre, sadly the now ex manager of the New York Yankees. Never has there been a manager who handled himself with such class, dignity, and honesty as Torre and the franchise has taken a step back today. New York will miss you Joe and most of us think you were treated with less respect than you deserved.
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