An SEO Quiz As An Example Of Linkbait

SEO Cartoon Quiz

Last week it was the SEOmoz SEO Quiz and this week it’s the SEO Cartoon Quiz. The cartoon quiz is a bit different. 15 questions that will take you less than 5 minutes to answer and most should give you a chuckle.
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Happy 25th Smiley Face :-) An Example In Viral Marketing

A slice of birthday cake

25 years ago tomorrow the text based smiley face was born. It’s unlikely Carnegie Mellon professor Scott E. Fahlman knew the ideavirus he was unleashing when he posted the simple combination of colon, dash, open parenthesis, to form :-) giving birth to the digital horizontal smiley face, but that’s exactly what he did. Professor Fahlman launched an example of viral marketing that’s still spreading to this very day.
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How To Get Free Targeted Traffic With BlogRush

Blog Rush Logo

That’s free in the sense of not having to spend a dime, though it will cost you some real estate in your site’s design through the addition of a widget and depending on how you feel about adding widgets that might be a higher price to pay.

Just before the weekend John Reese launched BlogRush, a new RSS syndication widget that aims to deliver you traffic equal to the traffic you send to other blogs. The system is brand new so little about how effective or ineffective it will be is known, but it seemed worth giving a try. I won’t be seeing any stats for a couple of days so I’ll have to update this post later in the week or month.
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This Week In SEO – 9/14/07

Why not dedicate This Week In SEO to someone in the industry who’s given quite a lot to the community and whose posts are often featured here. A few days ago Aaron Wall took off to get married (or to have a real ceremony as I think Aaron already tied the knot) and have a month+ long honeymoon. He may or may not be posting again until he returns in late October. Congrats Aaron. The SEO community will miss you, but we’re also happy for you and we’ll be awaiting your return. Now on with the show.
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Small Business Branding Gets Easier With TrustPlus

You spend months answering questions at LinkedIn or building friends at MySpace. Your reputation grows as you share your knowledge and you build your brand with each community. Then you set up a store on eBay and no one knows who you are. You sigh thinking about all the work you’ll need to do yet again to brand yourself with a new group of people and wonder if you have the energy for it. If TrustPlus has its way you won’t need to rebuild your brand on another site. You’ll be able to bring it with you instantly.
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