Google Agressively Pushing Personalization?

A couple of minutes ago I went to Google, but instead of the usual I was presented with an overlay asking me to make selections to customize an iGoogle home page. The only way to close the overlay was to make a selection. I chose the default theme as I already have an iGoogle page and was able to get back to the search box. Is this new?
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Ask Not What Your Customers Can Do For You…

ask not what your country customers can do for you — ask what can you do for your country customers

What are you doing to provide a more positive buying experience for your customers? How are you practicing customer service?
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Can You Be Found Where People Are Looking?

Do you know where your prospective customers spend their time online? Do you maintain a presence in those places?

Last night I came across an AP article about the recent search engine purchases of ad networks and why it’s a sign of how things are changing on the web. I encourage you to give the article a read, but the main point I want you to take from it is the idea that how and where people are spending time online is becoming more fragmented and most people are interacting less and less with a single source of information.
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This Week In SEO – 10/5/07

Last week’s post was dedicated to baseball and this week’s will too. That’s what happens when you use a show about baseball to name a series of posts This Week in SEO. Expect the next few weeks to have the same or similar dedications as we move closer to the fall classic. Last weekend’s close of the regular season was as exciting as it could be and the National League needed one more game than scheduled to determine who was in and out of the post season and it only gets better.

Once again have a look at my profile for some very good posts that didn’t quite make their way here.
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How Yahoo Search Assistant Changes SEO

On Tuesday Yahoo became the last of the four major search engines to offer blended search. Last, but definitely not least as Yahoo’s Search Assist may just be the killer app to get some switching back from Google. Search Assist also has the potential for changing a few things when it comes to optimizing for Yahoo as people begin to unknowingly build more advanced queries.
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