What If Google Needed To SEO Their Site?

What if Google had to design their user interface for…well…themselves? What if they had to account for the links they’d need to rank or the need to maintain fresh content? What if they needed to do some social media marketing and had to make sure they optimized on-page content? Maybe if they needed to do all those things to please their own algorithm the simple interface we all know and love would look a little different?
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What Part Of Your Business Are You Taking For Granted?

On thing that happens when you’re forced out of your routine is to realize some of the things you tend to take for granted. As many of you know I’m saddled with a bit of computer problems this week and am working from an old, though workable laptop. A good part of yesterday was spent getting this old system up to be speed, though as much as I’d like it to be otherwise, I’ll have to do without a few things for the next few days. Now that I’m without them I realize how I took for granted that some things would always be there and I thought it would be interesting to ask each of you what things related to your business might you be taking for granted.
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Blog Action Day: Global Warming

Unite for Blog Action Day

Back in August I mentioned how you could raise environmental awareness by participating in Blog Action Day. Guess what day it is? October 15th 2007 is the first of hopefully many blog action days and the inaugural topic is the environment
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Computer Problems

As luck would have it, tonight the graphics card on my laptop decided it was a good day to stop working. I’ve managed to grab an older laptop I have laying around and am trying my best to get it up to speed. Getting up to speed is requiring a lot of updating given this laptop has seen little use the last 2+ years. I’m doing my best, but I may not be online as much as usual the next couple of days.
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This Week In SEO – 10/12/07

Bear with me as I dedicate another This Week In SEO post to the baseball playoffs. We’re down to four teams and by next week we should know who’ll be playing in the World Series. Hope you don’t mind a little more baseball talk until the series is over a couple of weeks from now. If you do mind, well that’s what you get for visiting a post about SEO written by an avid baseball fan. We seamheads can have a one track mind this time of year.

Plenty of links to get to and a few more at my del.icio.us profile so on with the show.
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