ProBlogger Birthday Bash Giveaway

A few weeks ago I mentioned how opportunities are everywhere if you’re paying attention. Today I have an example of an opportunity to win two 20″ LG USB monitors via ProBlogger’s Birthday Bash.
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Can Your Personal Blog Hurt Your Career?

If you’re visibly associated with a corporate blog should you also write a personal blog? If you do how far can you push your own opinions, especially when they might differ from the official stance at your company? Could your personal blog come back to hurt the company you work for? Might co-workers find your blog and begin to think less of you? Could any of these things ultimately hurt your career?
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This Week In SEO – 9/28/07

Danny Sullivan turned 42 this week, the same age as me I might add, and Google turned 9. Matt provides Google’s horoscope for the coming months based on their September 27th birth date. Any other week either would be enough for this post’s dedication. But not this weekend. This Week In SEO takes its name from the popular Mel Allen show “This Week In Baseball,” and given this is the last weekend of the regular season, baseball gets the dedication. In particular the National League where 15 games over the next three days will determine the October fate of 7 teams.

As always there’s plenty to get to and more at my profile. Now on with the show.
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How To Use MyBlogLog As A Branding Tool

Steven Bradley's vangogh avatar

A couple of days ago I asked if MyBlogLog was still relevant to the SEO community. The response to the question was pretty much as expected with people not really using MBL as much as they might have a few months ago. I still use the site and thought I’d explain why I still log and and out of MyBlogLog most days and how I see it as beneficial for my blog.
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Google Video: Privacy And Personalized Search

Early last month the Google Blog released a video regarding privacy. On Monday they released a second video this time specifically discussing privacy as it pertains to personalized search.
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