This Week In SEO – 8/10/07

It was harder than usual to cut out some links this week. I collected a lot and had to let some really good stories go. Some have been bookmarked at my profile and some I have plans to cover in a dedicated post next week. Even with the cuts there’s still plenty of great articles and news for you to read. Are you ready for This Week In SEO?
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Google Opens Up On Privacy, Sort Of

The Official Google Blog released a video yesterday in an attempt to be more transparent on issues regarding privacy. I say attempt, because I’m not sure it does enough to allay any fears you might have, but it is only meant as a first step in a process of creating more videos about privacy and as an introduction to the subject it’s nicely done.
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SEMCheck: How Search Friendly Is Your Site?

Having a search engine friendly site is an essential building block for all your search engine marketing. In the past I’ve even made the argument that an ability to code is the most important seo skill you can possess. What do you do, though, if seo site development isn’t your strongest skill?
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What’s Old Is New Again

Last night Khalid thanked me for linking to an older post he had missed. About the same time Darren Rowse was publishing 8 Things to do on your Blog when you’re Sick, and number four on Darren’s list was pointing back to something in your archive. I get the message so here are 9 posts I’ve written that don’t get enough love and that you may not have seen.
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Improve Your Writing With A Simple Exercise

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.
–Isaac Asimov

The most important skill a blogger can have is an ability to write. Sounds obvious I know, but the best way you can improve your blog is to improve your writing. If you think about your favorite blogs they are likely written well and have a unique voice guiding them. Here’s a simple exercise you can use to improve your own writing and help take your blog to the next level.
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