Small Business Branding Gets Easier With TrustPlus

You spend months answering questions at LinkedIn or building friends at MySpace. Your reputation grows as you share your knowledge and you build your brand with each community. Then you set up a store on eBay and no one knows who you are. You sigh thinking about all the work you’ll need to do yet again to brand yourself with a new group of people and wonder if you have the energy for it. If TrustPlus has its way you won’t need to rebuild your brand on another site. You’ll be able to bring it with you instantly.
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SEOmoz’s SEO Quiz

On Monday SEOmoz released an seo quiz that’s been taking a little heat ever since. The criticism is fair, but it’s still a fun quiz to take and the criticism does miss the point somewhat on why the quiz exists in the first place.
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In Memory – 9/11/01

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. I was living nearly 2,000 miles from the events on that day, but I grew up in New York and have many, many friends and family still living in the area. To paraphrase a bit, you can take the boy out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the boy. I am and always will be a New Yorker and the events of that day six years ago hit closer to home than the physical distance between us.
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Borrowing Innovation And Thinking Laterally

Which nation was the richest and most powerful in Europe in the early 17th century? About 20 years ago a college professor asked our class a similar question. I knew the answer was Holland, but not because I had the first clue about the political climate at the time, but rather because most of the artists of the time who’s names I knew were dutch.

The more varied your knowledge, the more sources from which you can draw, the more connections you can make to solve problems and generate new ideas.
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This Week In SEO – 9/7/07

The beginning of the week marked the unofficial end to summer, but let’s dedicate this week to football as the NFL started its regular season last night. Peyton and the Colts looked very good, but I’m not counting the Saints out. Last night could be foreshadowing of the Super Bowl. Then again so could the Chicago/San Diego game on Sunday. Of course in the NFL any of several teams could end up playing in the big game. Football on Sunday, but Friday is all about This Week In SEO. Plenty of links to get to and as always you can find more via my profile. On with the show.
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