U.S. Workers Can Celebrate Labor Day As Most Productive Workers In The World

The first Monday in September is Labor Day here in the U.S. as I’m sure most of you know. Unlike most holidays Labor Day honors the average worker and this year the average American worker gets to celebrate a little more after the International Labor Organization declared us the most productive workers in the world for 2006.
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This Week In SEO – 8/31/07

It’s the Labor Day weekend edition of This Week In SEO. We’ll be celebrating with a barbecue on Monday as is the tradition. Oddly I’ve worked most Labor Days in my life even though the day is meant to celebrate employment by giving everyone a day off. I have a hunch this year will be no different and Monday will find me at work. Maybe I’ll make it a light day. Everyone was back to their usual posting routine after returning from SES, which meant more links for me to collect, more time to finish this post (my apologies for posting a little later than usual), and more links, nearly two pages worth, that didn’t make it here, but ended up at my del.icio.us profile. Now on with the show that is SEO.
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Balancing Your Blog: Your Reader And You

Does your blog serve your readers? Does it serve you? Is your blog able to find the sweet spot in the balance between serving both?

Those are the questions Darren Rowse asked today in his video post Who Does Your Blog Serve? The Secret to Sustainable Blogging. If you’re a blogger I highly recommend watching and then thinking about how well you achieve the balance in your blog.
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Branding For Small Business And Bloggers

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
–Jeff Bezos

Whether you realize it or not everything you do goes toward building a brand. It might be your personal brand, your brand as a blogger, or your corporate brand, but every action you take and every word you say impacts your brand to someone. For a few weeks I’ve been participating in a discussion about branding for small business. Too many individuals and small business owners think brand is something that’s out of their reach, that it costs too much, and that it’s only for big business. Wrong. Everything you do goes toward building your brand and you need to be conscious of how the things you do will reflect on your brand.
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Did Robert Scoble Join Mahalo’s Payroll?

That’s the only reason I can think for the pro-Mahalo and anti-Google videos Robert Scoble released this weekend. Because quite honestly most of the information inside the video makes little sense.
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