Did Robert Scoble Join Mahalo’s Payroll?

That’s the only reason I can think for the pro-Mahalo and anti-Google videos Robert Scoble released this weekend. Because quite honestly most of the information inside the video makes little sense.
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This Week In SEO – 8/24/07

Yesterday my brother David turned 40. Happy Birthday! Seems like as good a reason as any to dedicate This Week in SEO to him, even if he wouldn’t know an algorithm from hand edit. With so many seo bloggers at SES this week you’d think there would have been less posts than the last time we met. In truth there were less articles this week outside of SES coverage, but that only meant I had to cut out less links than usual. There’s still a good assortment of articles to point you to and there’s even more links to be found at my del.icio.us profile.
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Link Building Opportunities Are Everywhere If You’re Paying Attention

Early on in your learning of search engine optimization you come to realize links are important to how well your pages rank. Some sources of links such as forum signatures are easy to discover, but before too long you learn that all links are not created equal and the links you want most are the hardest to get. Inevitably the question arises how and where to get these high quality links. Good news. Link opportunities are all around you and by paying attention you can gain links from authority sources.
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Coverage Of SES San Jose 2007

Search Engine Strategies San Jose is in full swing this week and while I’m not there I thought I could still point you to some of the people who are and have been reporting on the conference. Does that make the following meta coverage of the conference?
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Increase Sales, Conversions, And Profits With The “Rule Of Odds”

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?
–Pliny the Elder, Natural History

I came across an interesting post yesterday by Dan Tudor about how using odd numbers is more profitable than using even numbers. After a little digging there seems to be a “rule of odds” in composition, which may serve as a general theory to the rule of three I mentioned in the past.
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