Answers To 10 SEO Questions

How knowledgeable are you about search engine optimization? Rand wants to know.

Since he’s often disappointed with the level of knowledge of practicing SEOs, Rand decided to post 10 questions you should know before offering paid seo services. You should definitely know nearly all of these if you plan to charge for optimization, though these 10 questions are certainly not the end all and be all of seo. Rand promised to post his answers sometime in the next day or two, but here are mine.
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Do Comments Add Value To A Blog?

Do you comment on blogs? Do you read blog comments? Do you think comments can add value to a blog?

Dave Winer doesn’t think comments are necessary and may even hurt a blog. Joel Spolsky takes it even further calling comments an infringement on the freedom of expression of the blogger. Rand takes the opposite point of view and sees comments as incredibly valuable. I side with Rand here, though I will offer the it depends caveat and also say that both Dave and Joel make some very valid points.
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Getting Rich Overnight Takes Time

Can you really get rich overnight?

Shoemoney published a short video today in response to hearing that question one too many times the last week. Jeremy looks a little tired and perhaps a bit annoyed in the video, but he makes a couple of very good points about making money that I wanted to pick up on here.
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This Week In SEO – 7/27/07

Is it just me or did the week fly by? I could swear yesterday was Monday and here we are at Friday and another episode of This Week In SEO. As always there’s plenty to get to, but a reminder that if these links aren’t enough to keep you busy you can find more at my profile. Ready for the week’s news, stories, articles, and tips?
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Underscores, Dashes, Matt Cutts, Oh My

Should you use dashes or underscores in URLs? The age old question has a new answer. Over the weekend at WorldCamp 2007 Matt Cutts broke the news that Google would soon be treating underscores as word separators, much the way they already treat dashes. That should be welcome news to anyone currently using underscores. In spite of the good news you’re still better off using dashes.
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