This Week In SEO – 8/17/07

A couple of days ago I learned that Wednesday was Independence Day in India so let’s dedicate This Week In SEO to my Indian friends. As usual you’ve come to the right place for the weekly roundup in the world of most things search and near search. And as usual you can find more links via my profile. Time for the links and the start of the show.
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Raise Environmental Awareness On Blog Action Day

Unite for Blog Action Day

Can one voice make a difference? How about one blog? 100 blogs? 1000? What if every blog published posts discussing the same issue on the same day? Could they make a difference? That’s what Blog Action Day is trying to find out.
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100+ Free Web Design Tools And Resources

A couple months ago I pointed you to a list of 100 free css resources that Rich McIver had sent me. Rich sent me another list not too long after with 100 free web design resources. I’m finally getting a chance to link to it and once again there’s a lot to like.
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List Of 1,000 Web 2.0 Apps

Are you using social media to connect with potential customers and clients? Do you want to, but don’t know where to spend your time?

One of the reasons I’m not a big player in social media is because I haven’t found the social sites I connect with. I use to bookmark pages and I’ve set up a few profiles on the usual top sites, but none of the communities has ever called out to me to participate. The more active you are on a particular social media site the better you can market yourself by making connections. The problem is finding the sites you want to interact with. If you find yourself in a similar position have a look at the Web 2.0 Top 1,000 List!.
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The Etiquette For Leaving Comment Links

Chris Garret asked Is it OK to Leave Links in Comments? earlier today. Chris was inspired to write his post by a question raised about the etiquette of posting links in blog comments on the Authority Blogger Forum. And as it happens that the forum thread was started by none other than Khalid who is a frequent commenter here it only seemed right to attempt an answer. Is it ok to leave links in blog comments? I think so, but with certain caveats.
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