How Does Google Really Treat Nofollow Links?

Last week Loren Baker asked the search engines how they treat links with the rel=”nofollow” attribute added to them. MSN didn’t respond and Ask said they don’t support nofollow and so treat those links the same as any other. Yahoo responded by saying they do follow the link and will index the page on the other side, but the link won’t pass any juice to the page being linked to. Google claimed they don’t follow the link at all and thus won’t index the page on the other side assuming no other links (internal or external) point to the page. But is that how Google really treats nofollow links?
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Is W3C Compliance Important For SEO?

On Friday Michael Gray answered the question of whether or not W3c compliance and accessibility can impact your optimization. I agree with everything Michael said, but wanted to add a few more points.
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This Week In SEO – 5/4/07

Through the miracle that is time and delayed publishing it should be Friday when this post first arrives in your reader, but it’s still Thursday for me as I’m writing it. Ok maybe not a miracle. I have family coming in for the weekend and so will be taking Friday off. I still wanted to get these links to everyone so I’m writing this a day early. Sorry that I won’t be able to include any articles from Friday, but I’ll get them in next week.

There’s plenty to get to as always so on with the show.
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SEO Contest News

SEO contests are far from perfect, but some recent ones do test a fair amount of your skills and offer some truly great prizes and perhaps more importantly the attention of heavyweights in the industry. Two new contests were announced this week to join Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship contest which started a few weeks ago.
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At Digg, The Inmates Now Run The Asylum

During my routine travels through the blogoshphere yesterday I happened upon a post at Pronet by Muhammad, The Reason Why Digg Removed That Story, and after a read and saving the link for Friday’s This Week In SEO post, I promptly moved on to the next blog awaiting me. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized the revolt that was going on over at Digg about the story in question. Shows what I know huh?
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