Coverage Of SES San Jose 2007

Search Engine Strategies San Jose is in full swing this week and while I’m not there I thought I could still point you to some of the people who are and have been reporting on the conference. Does that make the following meta coverage of the conference?
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Increase Sales, Conversions, And Profits With The “Rule Of Odds”

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?
–Pliny the Elder, Natural History

I came across an interesting post yesterday by Dan Tudor about how using odd numbers is more profitable than using even numbers. After a little digging there seems to be a “rule of odds” in composition, which may serve as a general theory to the rule of three I mentioned in the past.
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The Next Internet Millionaire: Reality Programming Moves Online

I dislike reality shows. I mean I passionately dislike them. If every reality show on tv went off the air I would consider that a good thing. And yet today as I was going through my daily blog reading I came across mention of Joel Comm’s The Next Internet Millionaire enough times that I had to watch and give it a chance. It’s an hour (50+ minutes) I could have spent doing something else. Did I mention I dislike reality tv. I dislike it just as much online as I do offline.
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This Week In SEO – 8/17/07

A couple of days ago I learned that Wednesday was Independence Day in India so let’s dedicate This Week In SEO to my Indian friends. As usual you’ve come to the right place for the weekly roundup in the world of most things search and near search. And as usual you can find more links via my profile. Time for the links and the start of the show.
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Raise Environmental Awareness On Blog Action Day

Unite for Blog Action Day

Can one voice make a difference? How about one blog? 100 blogs? 1000? What if every blog published posts discussing the same issue on the same day? Could they make a difference? That’s what Blog Action Day is trying to find out.
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