Why Native CSS Variables Will Be A Good Addition

On Monday I walked through css custom properties for cascading variables and mentioned that some people have objections to variables becoming part of the css language. Two notable objectors are Jeremy Keith and Chris Coyier.

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CSS Variables — How To Use Custom Properties For Cascading Variables

A few years ago one of the more requested features in css was the ability to create variables. With so many repeated values across a stylesheet, the abstraction makes a lot of sense. Then along came preprocessors like Sass and Less and we had variables. The talk for wanting them directly in css quieted down.

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Designing Unknown Content In 2 Dimensions

Earlier in the week I was talking about relative measurements like root em (rem) and the different viewport measurements (vw, vh, vmin, vmax). It reminded me of some things I’ve been thinking about in regards to designing for unknown content and some of the differences in designing for print and the web.

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Design Fundamentals: Download Your Free Sample From The Book

When I released my book Design Fundamentals a few months back, quite a few of you suggested I should offer a free sample. It was a good idea and a complete oversight on my part for not having offered one initially.

I’m correcting that today.
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REMs And Viewport Measurements — Why You Shouldn’t Use Them Yet

Designing for the web means designing flexibly. It means dropping absolute measurements and adopting relative ones like em and %. There will be exceptions, but for most things you should be using relative measurements.

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