Do You Compete On Price Or Value?

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
Warren Buffett

And the perception of value is why you decide to buy. How much would you pay for an ordinary gray pebble? How much would you pay if I told you that pebble could perform tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and included a manual for how to train your pet rock?
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What Makes Your Blog Remarkable?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Difficult, because for the majority of us there’s little if anything remarkable about our blogs. That’s not meant to imply your blog isn’t good. It’s not meant to imply that you won’t find something here worth reading. But when we take a long and hard look at our blogs do we find something that’s truly remarkable?
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This Week In SEO – 5/25/07

Friday seems to get here faster every week. Yeah, I know that’s not really possible, but the older I get the faster the days feel like they fly by. I’ve got the usual assortment of links and depending on where you live an extra day for you to read them. I’m going to mix in a little work over the holiday weekend, but I promise not too much. Happy reading.
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How You Can Help Free Alan Johnston

Ciaran called to my attention the current situation with BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. On March 12th he disappeared on his way home from his Gaza City office where he’s been providing coverage of the Middle East for the past few years. He is feared to have been kidnapped and people around the world have been calling for his release. You can help easily enough by adding a simple button to your blog or site and spread the word.
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Congratulations Jeff Horsager: SEM Scholarship Winner

Last week I told you that the five finalists had been announced and yesterday Andy Beal declared the winner of the Spring 2007 Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest. Congratulations Jeff.
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