This Week In SEO – 4/6/07

Midweek I saw someone call it a slow news week for the world of search. Somehow I managed to collect as many if not more links than usual and even added a new category of links. Go figure. In non-related search news Major League Baseball officially got under way this week, which is a something worthy of a holiday to me. We also had some Aprils Fool’s jokes to start off the week some of which worked and some not so much.

As always there’s plenty of news to get to. Enjoy and good reading.
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Google’s Multi-Variate Testing Now Available For All

Back in October I mentioned that Google had launched a beta program called Website Optimizer to make it easy to perform multi-variate testing on you your site. Website Optimizer is now open to everyone with an AdWords account.
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SEOmoz Search Engine Ranking Factors Version 2

About a year and a half ago when I was first beginning to understand what search engines looked at when deciding where to rank web pages I came across the article Search Engine Ranking Factors on SEOmoz. In fact I think it was the article that led to my discovery of SEOmoz in general and the great resources on the site including one of the best blogs in the industry.
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Need Money? Now You Can Beg For It

Having trouble paying off your student loan? Maybe you’ve overextended yourself with credit card purchases or have some other use for some cash. No need to fret. Starting tomorrow (though it looks to be up and running right now) you’ll be able to hit up strangers for cash and ask for donations through the new website being launched by Reality Charity LLC. .
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This Week In SEO – 3/30/07

You might have noticed I have an affinity towards Vincent Van Gogh. The Yellow House was him home in Arles and also served as the subject of paintings and drawings. I’ve also borrowed Vincent’s last name to become vangogh in forums and other social media sites. On March 30th, 1853 Vincent was born and so let’s celebrate his birthday by dedicating today’s edition of This Week In SEO to him. If Vincent were alive today he’d be very, very old and probably not reading this. But we’ll wish him a happy birthday anyway. Happy Birthday Vincent. And now on with the show.
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