Yahoo! Adopts NOYDIR Meta Tag

The Yahoo! Search blog announced earlier today that they have finally added support for the NOYDIR meta tag. Yahoo! already supports the NOODP tag that was instituted a few months back to prevent DMOZ descriptions from displaying in the SERPs.
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Is There An Optimal Post Length For Blogs?

Yesterday Graywolf raised an interesting question in regards to the length of blog posts. Is there an optimal post length? Will shorter posts help to retain readers and even lead to more links?
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Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest Take 2

If you remember a few months back I participated in Marketing Pilgrim’s first SEM Scholarship contest. I had fun and learned a few things about seo and sem and how to direct traffic quickly to specific page. Andy Beal announced on Friday that the second Marketing Pilgrim SEM contest is on its way and if you want to enter look for more details in mid March when Andy makes the official announcement.
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This Week In SEO – 2/23/07

My list of links to articles on SEO seemed to go over well last week so why not try again. Here’s the second installment of ‘This Week In SEO.” Hope you like.
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Algorithm Update At Google?

Aaron Wall reported earlier today that there might be a potential algorithm update underway at Google. He thought calling it an update might be a little strong, but he noticed that the results for some keywords he follows were showing less authority sites and more smaller niche sites in the SERPs. Naturally I was interested in knowing more and found a few other places discussing a possible change.

Here’s what I found during my search.
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