Is Personalized Search Dangerous?

Late last week Google began rolling out personalized search. While I have no doubt that the new system will lead to more relevant results for the majority of searches I have some strong reservations about personalized search, a few specific to Google and a few about personalizing search in general.
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Give Me Liberty And Give Me Breast

Sorry National Pork Board, but if my choice is between a nice juicy pork chop and a the breast of a woman I’m going with the breast every time. In this instance it’s the breast of search marketer Jennifer Laycock. I hope Jennifer forgives my reference to her anatomy, but in this case the issue is about her breasts or rather her breast milk.
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Where’s The Fire? WTF It’s At Technorati

If you spent any time at Technorati today you may have noticed a new link for WTF. And if you’re like me you might have thought WTF? Has Technorati lost it’s mind? No it’s not that WTF. Technorati is seeking to reclaim the acronym to mean where’s the fire which is the blog engine’s entry into the social news space ala Digg.

How soon till bloggers begin salivating at the newest opportunity to gain traffic through social media?
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The Changing Landscape Of Keyword Tools

Recently the the seo community has been abuzz with news that the Yahoo/Overture keyword tool has not been functioning and that it may be gone permanently. Those reports may be premature, but even if they aren’t there’s a new free keyword tool from WordTracker to fill the space. The timing could not be better.
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Google Drops Da Bomb On Googlebombing

So is George W. Bush a miserable failure or not? Google’s not saying any longer. You make the call.

Ever since Matt Cutts posted on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, the news has been spreading that Googlebombing is no more. When I originally heard the news I assumed this was something done manually, but Google says it’s being done algorithmically and who am I to argue.
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