Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest Take 2

If you remember a few months back I participated in Marketing Pilgrim’s first SEM Scholarship contest. I had fun and learned a few things about seo and sem and how to direct traffic quickly to specific page. Andy Beal announced on Friday that the second Marketing Pilgrim SEM contest is on its way and if you want to enter look for more details in mid March when Andy makes the official announcement.
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This Week In SEO – 2/23/07

My list of links to articles on SEO seemed to go over well last week so why not try again. Here’s the second installment of ‘This Week In SEO.” Hope you like.
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Algorithm Update At Google?

Aaron Wall reported earlier today that there might be a potential algorithm update underway at Google. He thought calling it an update might be a little strong, but he noticed that the results for some keywords he follows were showing less authority sites and more smaller niche sites in the SERPs. Naturally I was interested in knowing more and found a few other places discussing a possible change.

Here’s what I found during my search.
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Review Of The Webmaster-Talk Forums

I normally don’t do a lot of reviews, but Tim, the owner of Webmaster-Talk recently asked members with a blog to review the forum. Since Webmaster-Talk has given a lot to me over the last year I wanted to give something back to Tim and to the forum.
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How Many Social Media Icons Is Too Many?

As some of you know I’m working on a redesign of my site. Part of the reason for the new design is optimizing the site more for social media, including the use of bookmarklets at the bottom of posts. This afternoon I did some searching to find some icons I could grab and use in Photoshop to see how they fit with the design. I found the images I was looking for, but I also found a lot of negative sentiment about sites that use social media icons.
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