Get More Link Data Out Of Google Webmaster Tools

Have you been using the link data Google now provides through Webmaster Tools? Do you wish Google provided even more information? I know I do. Well Google hasn’t made any changes to the tool, but thanks to Joost de Valk you can now pull a little more data from all those links Google is reporting.
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This Week In SEO – 3/9/07

Every week I’ve been more and more amazed at how many links I collect in order to bring you this post. If I’ve counted correctly I’ve gathered 45 links here. That’s after dropping about 25 additional links in an effort not to be too overwhelming. Is it a good amount of links? Would less work better? Would more be fine?

This week I’ve grouped links into four popular topics, Social Media, Blogging, Personalized and Local Search, and general Search Engine News. Any topics you’d particularly like to see covered or should I continue to group them as I have been?
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AskCity Shapes Local Search

A couple months back when reviewing AskCity I mentioned liking the drawing feature that let you markup any map. Ask has taken it one step further and now using the drawing tools you can literally shape your search.
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JetBlue’s Customer Bill Of Rights

If you were trying to fly in or out of the North East U.S. a few weeks ago you’ll no doubt remember the problem JetBlue was having in keeping flights in the air and on schedule. The problems started with an ice storm that naturally led to flights being grounded, but once air travel resumed JetBlue found itself lagging in getting their operation running again. We all know things happen and in this case JetBlue dropped the ball. However their response to the situation is more telling about the company than the temporary problems they faced.
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Free SEO Advice

Yep, free seo advice.

Last Wednesday Loren Baker announced that Search Engine Journal would be launching a new project called SEO Clinic. Every week SEO Clinic will offer advice to one selected site among those that request a review.
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