Google On Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content? What does Google do to pages and sites with duplicate content? Is there a penalty for having duplicate content?

Earlier this week the Google Webmaster Central Blog answered these and other questions about duplicate content. If you remember I had my own problems with my posts here going supplemental as a result of the WordPress feed for each post being seen as duplicate content.
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Is Google Losing Money With Checkout?

The short answer is yes.

However losing money is part of the plan to market Checkout for the next year. Google has extended free processing for merchants till the end of 2007 in an effort to get more merchants to sign up. Even better might be the $10 off all any purchase Google will be giving to customers who pay with Checkout.
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How To Slim Your Feed List

So, you have lots of sites in your RSS reader and your blogroll goes on for several scrolls. What do you do?
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Blog Tag And The Viral Nature Of The Blogosphere

Before moving off the blog tag topic I thought it would be interesting to trace the line of bloggers that led to me along with the dates they posted to see how fast things can spread online and how viral the blogosphere can be.
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Bradley

It’s happened. I’ve been tagged by Yuri so today you get to learn 5 things about me you may not have known before. Before getting on to me though let’s give thanks to Jeff Pulver for starting this game of blog tag. Also thanks to Solo SEO for maintaining The Blog Tag Tree, which I imagine is no easy task as this game of tag spreads.
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