Is AdSense A Scam?

For the record I don’t think AdSense is a scam and I’d like to make that clear from the start, but when I think about how to best profit as an AdSense publisher many of the tactics are designed to trick people into clicking or to at least hide the fact the ad is an ad. Is that honest? Is it a flaw in the system? Or is it business as usual?
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Yahoo oneSearch For Mobile Devices

Yahoo news is reporting that Yahoo has developed oneSearch, a new mobile search service that gives phone users instant answers.

oneSearch redesigns search to offer potential answers as immediate search results instead of how computer-based Web search returns lists of search results.

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The Year In Review: 2006 Stats

After seeing SEOmoz release their stats a little over a week ago, I was inspired to do the same. Hopefully it’s not too far into the new year to make a review of last year seem out of place. If you missed Rand’s post have a look at SEOmoz’s 2006 Stats in Review.
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Your Favorite Blogs Of 2006

Before the holidays Search Engine Journal began taking votes for readers favorite search blogs in a variety of categories. The results have started to come in with no real surprises, but the nominees do make for an excellent reading list. And the winners are…
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Should Google Include Results From Digg?

Earlier I came across an interesting question via Search Engine Journal asking does belong in Google results. The question revolves around Digg snippets and a link to an article appearing in search results instead of the actual article. Should Google include the Digg results? Is it fair to the original article that search traffic goes through Digg first?
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