Google Drops Da Bomb On Googlebombing

So is George W. Bush a miserable failure or not? Google’s not saying any longer. You make the call.

Ever since Matt Cutts posted on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, the news has been spreading that Googlebombing is no more. When I originally heard the news I assumed this was something done manually, but Google says it’s being done algorithmically and who am I to argue.
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Two Generations Of Reasons To Build More Accessible Sites

A post over at Threadwatch just caught my attention. Of course with a title like Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0? how could it not grab attention? The reason I’m writing about it though, is not because of its catchy title, but because of the implications for building sites that are more accessible and work over a variety devices beyond a computer monitor.
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Linkbait: Good Term Or Bad Term?

Today CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark asked what people think of the term linkbait. Not the practice itself, but the term. Does linkbait suffer from a poor brand? Is the term fine? Do you care one way or the other? Why not share your view and let Brian know.
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V7N Brokering Contextual Links

It’s only been a few days since John Scott and Jeff Behrendt opened the new V7N contextual links to publishers and already the frenzy has begun with bloggers unable to sign up fast enough for the program. On the surface there’s a lot to like about the new V7N system for both advertisers and publishers. Yet I still have reservations about the system in general for both those buying and selling links.
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AdSense Expands Video Testing

Earlier today Google announced it would expand testing for video advertising, by working with two new music partners.

From the Inside AdSense blog:

Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing AdSense video distribution and sponsorship with a small group of publishers.

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