How Perceptions Alter The Message

One thing that always interests me is how two different people can interpret the same piece of writing in two completely different ways. We all bring with us our own history and biases and we approach everything new with our own set of perceptions. Our perceptions as much as anything are what determines what each of us consider true and help shape our own unique realities. My reality is different from your reality, which is different from his or her reality. And we can each draw completely different conclusions from the same information.
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Work hard to succeed in your online business

Lately, I thought and wrote not only about enjoying your business, but also about learning website optimization efficiently. This all can contribute to your site success, even if you don’t specialize in improving websites. Let’s review another aspect that can break or make your life, your business and your site: how much effort you put into your work.
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Link Bait: The Evolutionary Path To An Improved Web

With link bait becoming such a popular and successful tactic in SEO it was only a matter of time before people started rallying against it as the most evil thing to hit the world of marketing since…well…since, whatever was the last successful SEO tactic. Maybe it hasn’t gotten quite that bad, but there’s an awful lot of cynicism surrounding the idea of link bait now and I have to ask why that is.
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Make The Most Of Your Spike In Traffic

Yesterday I asked if your business was ready for sudden attention. I wanted to follow up on that post with some thoughts about what you should do when you get a new influx of traffic. It’s not enough to do business as usual is you want to retain your new visitors. You need to improve to meet the new challenge.
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Is Your Business Ready For The Attention?

Is it? Are you sure it’s ready?

You might be tired of hearing me talk about it, but the Marketing Pilgrim contest still has me thinking. If you remember one of the reasons I gave for entering the contest was the hope that the judges would read my article. The contest judges are some strong voices within the SEO and marketing community and they’re in a position where they can help anyone they choose. A few links, a couple of mentions and they could easily drive a good amount of traffic toward any site they see fit.
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