Is Your Business Ready For The Attention?

Is it? Are you sure it’s ready?

You might be tired of hearing me talk about it, but the Marketing Pilgrim contest still has me thinking. If you remember one of the reasons I gave for entering the contest was the hope that the judges would read my article. The contest judges are some strong voices within the SEO and marketing community and they’re in a position where they can help anyone they choose. A few links, a couple of mentions and they could easily drive a good amount of traffic toward any site they see fit.
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Enjoy Your Business To Succeed

Quite often, people may be seen rushing into any kind of business just to make money. Some succeed, some don’t. But how many of them would remember the business days with tenderness and say to themselves ‘those were the days..’? Also, how many of the successful business people enjoyed their work? Is there a connection?
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Balancing The Links In Your Link Profile

It’s a common misconception that the entire goal of link building is to get more links. You look at the top pages ranking for your keyphrases and see they have a lot of sites linking to them and assume you need to get a similar amount of links if you want to compete. But not all links are created equal. Nor should they be. Some are going to be far more valuable than others. Links with little value create noise against the signal in your link profile. And not all link profiles are the same as sites develop links in their own way. If your link profile is skewed in one direction you want to put a little balance back into your profile.
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SEM Contest Results

While the Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest is still going on, it sadly ended for me today. My entry didn’t get the most unique views this week and I won’t be making it the next and final round. I did learn some things and wanted to share some of my experience and the approach I took to driving traffic to the article. Many of the same tactics can be used to bring traffic to any page on your site.
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Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest

You may have noticed lately that SEO contests seem to be everywhere. One of the latest is the SEM Scholarship contest and while I usually don’t participate in contests I did submit SEO is Nothing but Karma as an entry to this one. I wanted to talk a little about this particular contest and why I entered it.
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