What Is The Sound Of Your Blogging Voice?

“To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.”
–Allen Ginsberg

A good writing voice can carry most any idea for a blog post. And a poor writing voice can ruin even the best of ideas. So what sound does your writing voice make?
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Readable Emails For Improved Newsletter Campaigns

Though there may be a lot of articles on making web site text readable, some people forget to make their emails readable, when they send out a newsletter, manage an auto-responder or their email marketing campaign. How do you make your emails easy to read to increase conversions?
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Social Media Optimization (SMO): The Next Phase Of SEO

I mentioned it my previous post, but the term social media optimization or SMO may be new to people and I thought it deserved more in depth coverage. SMO is a relatively new term to describe a practice that has been going on for awhile. You might notice that I’m not doing many of these things on my own site so this post is more of a do as I say rather than do as I do. I will be implementing many of these suggestions though, with a new redesign in the coming weeks and months and I am happy to say I do practice many of the rules of SMO, if not all of them yet.
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SEO For The Social Web

American sculptor Horatio Greenough coined the phrase “Form follows function,” which was later popularized by architects Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. The principle behind the phrase has long been associated with modern architecture and now the phrase and it’s principle can also be applied to SEO.
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Where Do Blogging Ideas Come From?

I’ve been asked a few times recently where I get ideas for this blog. I think it’s a common question most people have when they first start out blogging. I had the same question myself and often enough still do in all honesty. It can be a challenge to come up with three or five or seven new topics each week, but there are things you can do and places to look to help generate ideas for posts.

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