Blogging strategy: pay attention to how and what you write about

Generally, if you manage to setup a blog on any topic, you may feel that you can blog about anything (within the topic). But is it really so?

When you setup your blog, you have a wide choice of uncovered topics (as your blog is blank, really). But for your blog to be effective, you need to remember a couple of things:
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SEO Success Through Forward Thinking

Are you looking for long term success when it comes to search engine visibility? Do you want to make sure all the hard work you do today will still be paying off a few months or years from now? If you do then you want to look forward in the your thinking with regards to search engines and their algorithms.

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IE7 And Firefox 2.0: What Do The New Browsers Mean For Developers And SEOs?

You may or may not have heard that new releases are here or about to be here for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Sometime in the middle of last week IE7 lost it’s beta status and was pronounced ready for the masses. On the heels of the IE release Firefox 2.0 is due any day. I believe as soon as tomorrow. I’m not planning on reviewing either since chances are we’ll all be upgrading at some point, but I do want to talk about what the new versions of each browser will likely mean for web developers and SEOs.

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Multivariate Testing With Google Website Optimizer

Testing variations in your design and copy and measuring which variations lead to higher conversions is an important part of doing business online. A/B split tests are relatively easy to set up on your own, but multivariate testing can be much harder or too expensive for small business owners to implement. Google will make it easier for anyone in their AdWords program by offering their new Website Optimizer tool.

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What Was Your Intent With That Query? Search Engines Want To Know

A few months ago I wrote about the ways in which Google could measure traffic patterns and how they might be using those patterns in their search results. Many in the seo world would agree that Google, as well as the other engines, are using the information they collect to help determine what pages to display to a given search query. Recently I came across a few quotes from Google and MSN employees that would indicate our traffic patterns do indeed affect search results.

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