Google Docs & Spreadsheets: The New Online Office Application

Earlier today saw the release of Google Docs & Spreadsheets, a combination of Writely and Google SpreadSheets, packaged into what is undoubtedly the beginning of an online office application from the search engine. Writely comes with a new Googlized interface, and while Google Docs is more a combination of existing products it should be seen as a clear message to Microsoft that Google is making it’s way into the online office space.

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I’m Glad I Went To Bed Hungry Last Night

What does going to bed without dinner have to do with running a business?

I did have dinner, but I was feeling hungry late last night, a little too late to have something to eat. It brought back memories of a few years ago when I really did have to go to bed hungry most nights. I’m not complaining and for most of my life having enough food has never been a problem or even a concern, but for a time I couldn’t afford as much food as I should have been eating. I’d lay down most nights and listen to my stomach crying softly for sustenance. I’d wonder if tomorrow I would be able to afford dinner. I watched myself lose 30 pounds in a few short months. Don’t worry I’ve put it all back on in the years since.

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How Important Is Proper Grammar And Word Usage To Effective Communication?

One of the best and most well known writers in English literature, William Shakespeare is credited with inventing over 1700 words that appear in his plays. He changed nouns into verbs into adjectives thus misusing words to communicate.If Shakespeare could be so liberal with the language how important is it really to follow the rules of proper grammar?

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Creating Sitemaps In WordPress

We all know sitemaps are important in helping search engines index your website. They’re usually not hard to create either, basically a simple list of links to all of your web pages. Add a new page, add a new link to your sitemap. It can get difficult sometimes if your site grows quickly. It’s easy forget to check on your map and add your latest page. Such is the case with a blog. Well if you use WordPress as your blogging software there’s an easy way to have that sitemap generate itself for you.

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Basic Web Measurement Terms Defined

Far too many people still seem to consider ‘hits’ a useful measure of web statistics so I thought I take a little time to define a few basic website measurements. Web analytics are an important of running a successful website. Being able to track visitors to your web pages and what they do once on your site is an essential part of SEO and PPC advertising. You really can’t do either effectively without knowing something about the traffic your site is or isn’t getting.

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