Designing with C.R.A.P.

How do you decide where to place elements on the page? What colors should you use? How do you get people to notice your content. Believe it or not the answer resides in C.R.A.P.

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity. These basic elements of design can be found everywhere design is present. By following these four basic princiapls your designs will improve immeasurably and immediately.
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A Chain Of Links

When you get down to it the web is one long chain of links and you never know how or when you’ll come across a useful site or how someone out there may find you.

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So You Want A Website

All the time I see people asking what’s the best way to get a website up quickly. The thought seems to be that having a website up now as opposed to two months from now is going to make all the difference in getting your business going. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything waiting those couple of months can pay huge dividends in the eventual success of your site and your business.

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The Business Behind The Domain

Edit: As with the previous post this post references the domain, which I am no longer using for this blog.

This business is named after a Van Gogh painting. You may or may not know the painting “The Yellow House” which for a time was Vincent’s home. When Van Gogh moved into his yellow house he envisioned it as more than the place where he would dwell while he painted the countryside in the south of France. He saw it as a place where fellow artists would come to learn, to share, and to paint. He saw his yellow house as a home for artists where they could feel part of a community.

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Dear Vincent

Edit: I originally had this entire blog hosted under the domain The Van in Vanseo Design is short for Vangogh and so other than references to an old domain the following thoughts still apply.

Welcome to my blog. I suppose you may be wondering who Vincent is and why this post is addressed to him. Vincent is Vincent Van Gogh and much of this site is inspired by him. The site and business name was taken from one of his paintings, ‘The Yellow House’ which is where Vincent lived in Arles in the south of France.

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