Local Search Marketing

Once upon a time if you needed a plumber you picked up the yellow pages looked up a plumber and began making calls. Today though people are going online first and one of those ways is local search. Even if people haven’t completely adopted it yet local search marketing is an excellent way for small businesses to promote themselves and have customers find them.

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New SEO For Firefox Extension

For everyone in the United States I hope you had a Happy 4th of July. For those outside the states I hope you enjoyed Tuesday.

Earlier today Aaron Wall of SEO Book fame released a new extension for Firefox that I think you’ll find interesting. The SEO for Firefox (Beta) extension offers a lot of extra search engine optimization information added to your normal Google and Yahoo searches.

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Stop Focusing On Traffic: Convert The Visitors You Have

It may seem strange for a blog that often advises how you can get more traffic to tell you to stop focusing on it, but that’s exactly what this post will do. Am I crazy you ask? Well maybe, but not for this post. The goal is not to bring as many people as you can to your sites The goal is to have as many people as you can buy something from your site or at least get in touch so you can convince them to buy something from you. There are better ways to do that than the get more traffic to your site.

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Google Checkout

Need a way to take payments through your website? Having trouble getting a merchant account? Not happy with PayPal? Now there’s another solution. It’s been rumored for a long time and now Google has finally launched Google checkout. Google’s aim according to CEO Eric Schmidt is to make it faster and easier to buy products advertised on Google.

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Which Keywords Should You Target

Earlier today in both a conversation with a client and while posting on a small business forum it occurred to me that very often people are unaware of the keywords they should be targeting on their web pages. You can probably list several obvious keyword phrases that relate to your site, but are these obvious keywords what you should be targeting and optimizing your pages for?

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