SEO Basics Tutorial

So often when people encounter seo and want to start optimizing their sites they are lost as to where to begin. Filled with a few helpful and a few not so helpful comments from a forum or article they set out looking for the magic formula that will take their site to the top of the search engines only to get lost in a tangle of misinformation that can often do as much harm as good. To help you get started on your seo journey I have decided to write this tutorial on the basics of seo.

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Is Orion The New Google Algorithm?

In case you missed it earlier this week Google confirmed that it licensed a search algorithm and hired the algorithm’s creator, Ori Allon, a 26 year old PhD student from the University of New South Wales. The basic concept behind the new search engine is that it extracts portions of a web page that are most relevant to a given query and returns that relevant text. It also provides results for keywords related to the original keywords. There has been a lot of speculation going on about what this means for Google and search and I thought I would add my thoughts to the mix.

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Google TrustRank

I’m sure you’re aware of Google’s PageRank, but are you aware of the other Google rank, TrustRank? While it’s not exactly new most may be unfamiliar with it. It’s details may not be clearly defined and there is no toolbar for it. However chances are TrustRank is already just as if not more important than PageRank or soon will be.

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A Question

Hi all. Today is my birthday and as a present to myself I thought it only fair that I take a complete day away from work. Unfortunately that includes posting tonight. I had debated writing something, but knew my heart wouldn’t be in it this evening and instead of writing something half heartedly I’ll just wait till Tuesday to make my next scheduled post. I hope you’ll all forgive me.

Tonight though I have a question for anyone reading this. I’m curious to know what kind of articles you would like to read. By now you probably know that I’m typically writing about webmaster and seo related topics. Are there specific topics within those two general areas that you would like to see me write about? Are there topics outside of either that you would like me to write about? As long as it has something to do with websites or the web I’ll be happy to consider it.

So if you don’t mind drop me a comment about what you would like to see from this blog or just let me know how I’m doing so far. Thanks.

Conversions And Personality Types

All the traffic in the world won’t mean much if your website doesn’t convert that traffic into paying customers. But when it comes to conversions not all people will react to your words in the same way. Though there are an infinite number of personalties they can be reduced to 4 distinct personality types for the purposes of conversions, each of which will need to be converted in a different way.

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