Feedvertising Offers WordPress Bloggers Another Way To Earn

Own a WordPress blog? Like to make some extra money? Then Feedvertising might just be for you. The folks at Text Link Ads have created this new system that allows you to rotate text link ads or your own ads in your RSS feed.

Feedvertising gives you a lot of control over the ads you place. You have options for embedding text link ads, affiliate links, and even your own in-house ads. And it’s free for publishers through a WordPress plugin. You will need to be running WordPress 2.0+ for the plugin to work, but it seems worthwhile to upgrade to make some extra revenue if you’re still using pre 2.0 like I am.

You can watch a quick 5 minute demo video about how Feedvertising works for more information. It looks good from what I can tell. Signing up seems painless as does adding the links to your feeds. As pointed out in the video AdSense doesn’t travel with your feed and with more and more people becoming aware of RSS and feed readers there’s an ever increasing chance your content will be read off site. Feedvertising will give you a way to monetize your content for anyone reading your words someplace other than your own website.

I like the control of being able to serve your own ads or affiliate links in addition to the text link ads. In fact you don’t even need to serve the text link ads ad all and only serve your own ads. The links seem to be unobtrusive too which is another nice touch.

Thanks to Kim Krause at Cre8pc for pointing Feedvertising out. You’re right Kim as a blogger, particularly a WordPress blogger I jumped all over this.

And on a completely unrelated note Happy Birthday Google. Can I get some more visibility in your results for the birthday wishes? I swear my present is on the way.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.


  1. That was fast. Kim posted the news right after the TLA private mail was sent out :)

    Wonder if Feedvertising will scare of loyal readers, though. Not that I wasn’t thinking of customizing RSS feed output to provide additional information about my blog, but ads? Hmm.

  2. LOL. They call me “Flash”. Heh.

    I trust the folks at TLA and I can vouch for their care in development (not sure how much I can share on how I know this). But trust me, TLA works hard and I’m thinking they willl do what it takes to make this new ad resource user friendly.

  3. I think I just have good timing again. Kim, cre8pc has been on my yahoo home page for as long as I can remember. I think I’ve ‘borrowed’ information from you many times before. This time it was all about the timing. I was heading out in the evening and looking for something I could post relatively quickly. Went to my homepage and lo and behold there it was.

    I don’t know too much about TLA except that I’ve always heard good things about them. Can’t even recall a negative comment. I like the way Feedvertising looks and how I think it will work. You don’t even need to ever display TLA ads with it, which I think is great.

    Yuri I can understand the thought of scaring off readers, but the ads didn’t look to conspicuous to me. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t mind seeing advertising. I don’t necessarily buy things because of it, but I appreciate the work that goes into publishing. As long as the ads aren’t in my face and flashing on and off everywhere they don’t bother me. They’re there and if I’m interested I know where to click. If not they’re easy enough to ignore.

    Of course I’m not everyone and I’m sure there are some who will be offended by their presence. With Feedvertising you really don’t need to put up a lot of ads. I could use it simply to point out some of my own products (if I had any), which I think is less offensive to many. I could even just add my own branding message to every feed to remind people where they’re reading. Nothing about this screams in your face to me, which is what I like most about it.

    Of course the only way to know for certain is to try it out and see what happens. I’ll still need to upgrade to WordPress 2.0+, but that’s on my list anyway and when I do I’ll be giving the Feedvertising plugin a shot.

  4. Yuri, I like that it’s just the one link. I think it helps to keep them unobtrusive. You can rotate them to get more. Sorry the site was declined. Any idea why?

    Matt, I’m not so worried about it getting abused. partly because of the single ad that gets placed. I’m sure people will try to abuse things if possible, but chance are it will just cost them readers than anything else. Will it be prone to click fraud like AdSense? Perhaps, but that’s probably something we’ll all have to live with as long as contextual advertising is around. I’m not sure how the Text Link Ads system works as far as what you pay for. I think it’s more a pay per perfommance system which eliminates click fraud, but I’m not entirely sure.

    Now I just need to make some time to upgrade WordPress and apply at TLA.

  5. This sounds like a really good idea, It’s going to be a good way of getting your regular visitors engaged in your adverts because i think the most regular visitors are the ones least likely to use adverts displayed on your site.

    I just hope people don’t start abusing it , we will end up having to install “feed spam filters” in our feed readers.

  6. Matt, people can always develop their own WP plugins and spam their readers.


    They will lose their readers immediately, so spamming isn’t the question here, although usability and efficiency of such ads is.

    Btw, my site (www.improvetheweb.com) was declined, because it has zero PR at the moment (although about 600 links in 2 months of existence, about 40 quality posts – and some comments ). No biggie, as I said, can always develop my own plugin and generously allow myself to use it.

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