5 Step Process To Consistently Improve Your Blog

Read enough tips and it’s easy to convince yourself that your blog is wholly inadequate or there’s no way you’ll ever be able to find the time to incorporate all of them into your own blog. Fear not. It’s easier than you think. All it takes is the right approach and the desire to form some good habits.
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What I Do When I’m Not Working

Flatirons over Boulder, Colorado

Remember blog memes? Seems like it’s been awhile since one was going around. Yuri tagged me in the latest one, which was started by Shimon Sandler, and began as “what I like to do when I’m NOT doing SEO.” Since seo is only part of what I do I thought I’d generalize the title a little and tell you what I do when I’m not working.
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Revitalize Your Blogging By Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The following guest post was written by Pat B. Doyle of www.PatBDoyle.com

Up until now, I have been making money online by blogging. I have monetized my blogs with AdSense and affiliate programs. Pretty much the same thing that plenty of other bloggers are doing.

But now, I am venturing into a new area. I am starting to create my own products. This week, I wrote my first ebook, which I will be selling as soon as I can get it set up on Clickbank.

I thought I would pass along some of my experiences and lessons learned, to encourage others to venture outside of their comfort zone.
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Calling All Guest Bloggers

Do you want increased exposure for your blog? One of the best ways to grow the audience of your blog is to write for other blogs. Guest blogging puts you in front of a new audience that may like what you have to say, but doesn’t yet know who you are. Would you like an opportunity to reach a new audience?
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BlogRush Update: Promises Unfullfiled And More Promises

Blog Rush Logo

BlogRush rushed onto the scene about six weeks ago with the promise of driving free relevant traffic to your blog. I reviewed the system when it first launched and presented some ideas for how to improve it. I also promised an update, which is the post you see before you. Six and a half weeks later and there’s still more promise than results with BlogRush, but the promise may be enough to keep that widget in your sidebar a little longer.
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