Blog Action Day: Global Warming

Unite for Blog Action Day

Back in August I mentioned how you could raise environmental awareness by participating in Blog Action Day. Guess what day it is? October 15th 2007 is the first of hopefully many blog action days and the inaugural topic is the environment
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ProBlogger Birthday Bash Giveaway

A few weeks ago I mentioned how opportunities are everywhere if you’re paying attention. Today I have an example of an opportunity to win two 20″ LG USB monitors via ProBlogger’s Birthday Bash.
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Can Your Personal Blog Hurt Your Career?

If you’re visibly associated with a corporate blog should you also write a personal blog? If you do how far can you push your own opinions, especially when they might differ from the official stance at your company? Could your personal blog come back to hurt the company you work for? Might co-workers find your blog and begin to think less of you? Could any of these things ultimately hurt your career?
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How To Get Free Targeted Traffic With BlogRush

Blog Rush Logo

That’s free in the sense of not having to spend a dime, though it will cost you some real estate in your site’s design through the addition of a widget and depending on how you feel about adding widgets that might be a higher price to pay.

Just before the weekend John Reese launched BlogRush, a new RSS syndication widget that aims to deliver you traffic equal to the traffic you send to other blogs. The system is brand new so little about how effective or ineffective it will be is known, but it seemed worth giving a try. I won’t be seeing any stats for a couple of days so I’ll have to update this post later in the week or month.
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Borrowing Innovation And Thinking Laterally

Which nation was the richest and most powerful in Europe in the early 17th century? About 20 years ago a college professor asked our class a similar question. I knew the answer was Holland, but not because I had the first clue about the political climate at the time, but rather because most of the artists of the time who’s names I knew were dutch.

The more varied your knowledge, the more sources from which you can draw, the more connections you can make to solve problems and generate new ideas.
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