Improve Your Writing With A Simple Exercise

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.
–Isaac Asimov

The most important skill a blogger can have is an ability to write. Sounds obvious I know, but the best way you can improve your blog is to improve your writing. If you think about your favorite blogs they are likely written well and have a unique voice guiding them. Here’s a simple exercise you can use to improve your own writing and help take your blog to the next level.
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Do Comments Add Value To A Blog?

Do you comment on blogs? Do you read blog comments? Do you think comments can add value to a blog?

Dave Winer doesn’t think comments are necessary and may even hurt a blog. Joel Spolsky takes it even further calling comments an infringement on the freedom of expression of the blogger. Rand takes the opposite point of view and sees comments as incredibly valuable. I side with Rand here, though I will offer the it depends caveat and also say that both Dave and Joel make some very valid points.
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Do you find you sometimes have a hard time expressing what you want to say with words alone? Are there times where being able to show even a primitive sketch could get your point across so much more effectively and easily? If so then SketchCasting may be the thing for you.
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7 Ways To Rejuvinate Your Blog

You know how it is. You sit down to right something for your blog and nothing comes out. You don’t even know where to start or what topic you should be writing about. A few things come to mind, but you feel like you’ve already said everything you can about the subject. Maybe you end up not writing that day or you publish a post just for the sake of publishing. Sometimes you have a hard time generating ideas for your blog. It happens to all of us at one point or another. Lucky for us we have Darren Rowse who’s just finished a series on rediscovering your blogging groove.
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How Do You Want Me To Handle Comments?

Matt McGhee posted the comment policy he uses on Small Business SEM in response to questions from his readers. I think Matt’s policy is generally a good one, but I wanted to ask what you thought and also ask how you’d like me to treat comments here.
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