Where Do Blogging Ideas Come From?

I’ve been asked a few times recently where I get ideas for this blog. I think it’s a common question most people have when they first start out blogging. I had the same question myself and often enough still do in all honesty. It can be a challenge to come up with three or five or seven new topics each week, but there are things you can do and places to look to help generate ideas for posts.

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Blogging strategy: pay attention to how and what you write about

Generally, if you manage to setup a blog on any topic, you may feel that you can blog about anything (within the topic). But is it really so?

When you setup your blog, you have a wide choice of uncovered topics (as your blog is blank, really). But for your blog to be effective, you need to remember a couple of things:
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Interview With Guest Blogger Yuri Filimonov

I’ve been mentioning changes to this site for the last week or so, and one you may have noticed is a navigation link at left for guest Blogger Yuri Filimonov. Before publishing any of Yuri’s posts I wanted to introduce Yuri and post an interview I did with him so everyone could get to know him better. Yuri has posted a similar interview with me on his site as I’ll be guest blogging there.

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How Important Is Proper Grammar And Word Usage To Effective Communication?

One of the best and most well known writers in English literature, William Shakespeare is credited with inventing over 1700 words that appear in his plays. He changed nouns into verbs into adjectives thus misusing words to communicate.If Shakespeare could be so liberal with the language how important is it really to follow the rules of proper grammar?

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Creating Sitemaps In WordPress

We all know sitemaps are important in helping search engines index your website. They’re usually not hard to create either, basically a simple list of links to all of your web pages. Add a new page, add a new link to your sitemap. It can get difficult sometimes if your site grows quickly. It’s easy forget to check on your map and add your latest page. Such is the case with a blog. Well if you use WordPress as your blogging software there’s an easy way to have that sitemap generate itself for you.

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