Multipurposing — Get More Done Without Doing More Work

What people think of as multitasking is a myth. Human beings aren’t good at focusing attention on two things at once. Instead we rapidly shift focus between multiple tasks, which generally leads to doing each task less effectively than if one held all our attention.

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Take A Step Toward Growth By Leaving Your Comfort Zone

One of the reasons I moved to Colorado was a need for change. I had fallen into a rut where despite my best intentions I was consistently leaning on old patterns of behavior that had not served me well.

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The Space Between 140 Characters And 3,000 Words

About 15 years ago I moved from my home in New York to the relative unknown in Boulder, Colorado. Without going into details, things weren’t working well for me in New York at the time and I decided a major change was in order.

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Does The Language You Use Reveal Or Alter Your Thinking?

Language is the dress of thought

The quote above is from 18th century english writer, Samuel Johnson. It suggests that the style of our speech or writing indicates our way of thinking. It tells us that the specific words, phrases, and patterns of language we use, reveal how and what we think.
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It’s Time To Take This Blog In A Different Direction

I thought I’d try something a little different today and record an audio post instead of writing everything out. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, though be kind, since it’s my first attempt at this. Thanks.
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