Do You Have A Blogging Mentor?

Mentor: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher

Where do you go to learn how to blog better? Who do you turn to when you have a question about improving your blog? Is there someone out there who is helping direct your growth and serving as a role model? Do you have a blogging mentor?
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TheVanBlog Wins A SEMMY

2008 SEMMY winner

I want to thank everyone who voted and helped my post Branding For Small Business And Bloggers win the SEMMY in the small business category. As I mentioned when the post was first nominated it was an honor to be included, but let’s face it, winning is better and thank you all for helping make that happen.
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Blog Critique: Jack Robinson’s Blog On College Cram

Awhile back I mentioned a critiquing exercise I found very helpful in improving my own writing. I also offered to critique a post for anyone interested. Two people have taken me up on the offer and today I present my second blog critique, this time for Jack Robinson who posts at College Cram.
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Blog Critique: Rudy’s Blog On College Cram

About a month ago I mentioned how one way to improve your writing is to critique someone else’s writing. I described an exercise for critiquing that I’d learned in a creative writing course a number of years ago and offered to critique a post for anyone interested. Rudy Lopes agreed to be the subject for the experiment, the result of which follows.
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What M*A*S*H Can Teach You About Blogging

M*A*S*H: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

Early last week Ben Cook offered up some lessons on blogging using the show M*A*S*H as a backdrop for those lessons. At the end of his post Ben asked the rest of us to continue the discussion and since M*A*S*H is one of my all time favorite shows I couldn’t resist. Here are some further lessons on blogging that come from one of tv’s most watched and most loved shows.
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