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Do you like to blog and wish you could get paid to blog all day? Do you want to add a blog to your site, but aren’t sure you’re up for the consistent writing? Maybe you started several blogs, but would like to scale back. Ever thought of trying to sell one of them? If the answer to any of those questions was yes you may want to check out the new Performancing Exchange for bloggers.

The Performancing Exchange bills itself as a “classifieds style marketplace for the professional blogging community” and offers three categories for exchange; Blogging Jobs, Services wanted, and Blogs for sale. Most of the current posts are in the Blogging Jobs category as I write, but there are a few posts in the other categories as well, and that may all change by the time you’re reading this.

You’ll need to sign up for an account before you can post your offer or reply to one, but signup is quick and easy and signing up also allows you a few other perks. One of those perks is Performancing metrics which will provide some statistics about the traffic to your blog. You can also create posts for Performancing itself, though the posts you write for the site aren’t paid. Giving content away to other blogs might not sound like much of a perk, but it can still prove valuable to your own blog, site, or business.

Giving Content To Other Blogs

Yes you heard me (or I guess read me) right. Giving away content can be good. If you’ve been following along with the advice in this blog for any time you’ve probably noticed me talking about building a good site with quality content as the best way to market your business as well as build the links you need to compete in search engines. But if you need that quality content for your own site why give it away?

At some point no matter how good your site is you still need to get the word out that it exists. Your quality content will build links, but before someone can link to your pages they need to find those pages. Writing content for other sites is one way you can get others to notice you. Performancing will let you create a a profile page with a bio that you write and links to any posts you write for them. There will also be a link back to your own blog.

Similarly with any content you write for others there should be some kind of link back to you. Write a good blog post or article and people will follow the links back to your site for more of that same quality content. The more you write for a given site and the more you write for a variety of sites the more people will visit your site to read more of your wisdom.

Now don’t go giving all of your content away, but get yourself out there. It’s ok to give some things away for free, especially when you’ll ultimately profit from it. You may find sites that cover a topic that your blog doesn’t quite cover or maybe allows you to write about an aspect of a topic you usually don’t write about.

The best part is if you can find your way into adding content to some high quality, trusted sites the link or links back will go much further than many of the low quality links you might get from marginal directories or unrelated reciprocal links. Just as people will like your content and follow the links back to your site so will search engine spiders. And the Performancing site is a quality site. Search engines will trust it and any link from it to your own site will carry weight.

It may seem counter intuitive to give away content when you want it for your own site, but it really can be a productive way to market yourself and get the word out about the content on your site. Besides if you sign up with the Performancing Exchange you can hire a couple of bloggers to generate content for your site while you’re using your own writing to bring in the traffic.

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