Raise Environmental Awareness On Blog Action Day

Unite for Blog Action Day

Can one voice make a difference? How about one blog? 100 blogs? 1000? What if every blog published posts discussing the same issue on the same day? Could they make a difference? That’s what Blog Action Day is trying to find out.

On October 15th – Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind.

The topic for the firs inaugural blog action day will be the environment. You can participate by:

  1. Publish a post on your blog which relates to an issue of your own choice pertaining to the environment.
  2. Commit to donating your day’s advertising earnings to an environmental charity of your choice.

Pretty simple right?

Your post is up to you. Blog Action Day is not trying to promote one particular viewpoint. Their goal is to get people talking about a single issue. For an example of what you might write

A blog about money might write about how to save around the home by using environmentally friendly ideas. Similarly a blog about politics might examine what weight environmental policy holds in the political arena.

You can register your blog and commit to writing a post by signing up or see who’s already participating.

Whether you sign up or not you can help spread the word by promoting the day. Blog Action Day has several banners you can grab to use like the ones you see on this post and they have started a list of environmental resources you can visit to find more information about the issue.

Write about the environment on Oct 15th and promote the day between now and then. Regardless of your opinion of the issue you’d likely agree the environment is something that affects all of us and is a topic worthy of conversation.

Blog Action Day. One issue. One day. Thousands of voices

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