How To Slim Your Feed List

So, you have lots of sites in your RSS reader and your blogroll goes on for several scrolls. What do you do?

Deciding which sites to keep

First, you need to decide which blogs you need to keep in your RSS reader (now that’s obvious). How do you do that? In fact, it is quite simple.

The main reason you can not keep up with reading all the posts in the RSS reader is that you have a finite amount of time with a pretty unlimited amount of blogs to read. Thus, you need to keep only the blogs you read. “But I read all the blogs!” you may say. True. Let’s go further.

Suppose, you have only fifteen minutes to spend on your feed reading. Which blogs would you read? Now, define how much time you want to spend reading RSS feeds every day and ask yourself “What blogs do I absolutely want to read right now?”.

What helped me was the situation, when I had no time and I still wanted to read blogs. It turned out I only read a dozen of blogs out of a fifty. Helped to clean out some unread messages.

What about the less read blogs?

Of course, you can say that “But I still want to read the less read blogs some day”. Sure, why not. Bookmark them in your browser or remember their names (or even URLs). When you need some information, which you think is on the blog, or you just want to know what’s new on the blog, you can find the blog yourself, without it cluttering your RSS reader.

So, after determining which blogs you’d read, when you have the least amount of time, will help you to clean your RSS reader. Let’s get on with a blogroll.

How to clean up a blogroll

It may seem that the above passage has no relation to a blogroll. Not quite.

Back in the days (may be now, too), a blogroll was a list of sites that you read. Also, as it is located on your site, that would be a list of sites you’d want to show to your visitors.

While it is impossible to keep an infinitely long blogroll, your best bet would be to only keep the blogs you read often. If you have cleaned up your RSS reader as per advice above, you now have a pretty, slim blog list waiting for you.

The most important thing that your blogroll will not only be shorter, but it will adequately show what you like to your readers and will show only the best blogs your visitors will enjoy, too. That’d help your reader experience some, which is always a good thing.

As a side note, if you want to organize your blogroll alphabetically in WordPress, go to “Links” -> “Link Categories” and click on the “Edit” button, corresponding to the blogroll category. Choose “Sort order” : “Name”.

Rounding up

While you may keep certain favorite, but less read, blogs in the RSS reader, you can always remove them from the feeds list and visit them on your own. Thus, you’ll keep your RSS reader clean and will be able to navigate around the important news items/new posts easily. Of course, keeping your blogroll truly relevant to your interests is another good thing, too.

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  1. I have a lot of blogs that I like to check, but don’t feel the need to see them everyday. So I take advantage of Sage being able to put feeds in folders and have them seperated by topic and how often I actually read them.

  2. I use netvibes as my feed reader and homepage. Because netvibes has tabs you can have catagories. At the moment i have tabs set up for news, SEO blogs, Other Blogs, my own feeds, videos and email. In the future i may consider having a tab titled “feeds i dont read too often” to keep all the guff in the same place.

  3. I guess I forgot to say that I use M2, Opera’s feed reader 😉

    Yes, using online blog readers is certainly an option. Separating blogs by importance is a way out, but will you read them? Will you not just use the lower priority list as a bookmark page?

    Thanks for sharing. I may end up using Bloglines or Google Reader, or something, when I have time to read the feeds. Currently, though, M2 works fine.

  4. Chirs I also use Sage and have folders set up like you. The problem for me is when one folder is open the others are out of sight and out of mind. I think I need to reorganize the folders in a way that’s more in tune with what I read.

    Matt so you’re the netvibes traffic I’ve been seeing. I haven’t set anything up there, but it looks like a nice site to set up a portal as your home page.

    Yuri, you make it unanimous that we all read feeds through our browsers. I did download FeedReader recently though still haven’t installed it. I was also thinking of trying Bloglines and Google Reader. Sage though, works well enough for me and hasn’t given me a reason to change.

  5. Well, it doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you have trouble keeping up with the feeds.

    Grouping them in folders by how often you read them seems to be the best way to handle this. I can’t edit the post, but you can add a subheading and a paragraph about this, I guess.

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