Top 10 Blogs For Writers

For those of you with a blog or who simply want to become better writers, Michael Stelzner released a top 10 list of blogs for writers. I can’t claim to be familiar with all of the blogs listed, but I am a regular reader of CopyBlogger, which topped the list. A quick look at some of the others on the list leads me to believe they’re all worth reading regularly.

Given how we’re all busy looking for ideas for our blogs and getting lost in our topics it can be easy to forget that at the heart of successful blogging lies the ability to write at least reasonably well. Take your writing to the point where you develop your own unique voice and your writing can carry a blog even on slow idea days.

Have a look at the list of blogs and don’t forget to check out the blogs themselves. Chances are you’ll find at least a few you’ll want to read regularly that can improve your writing and blogging. I know I already have.

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