What’s Old Is New Again

Last night Khalid thanked me for linking to an older post he had missed. About the same time Darren Rowse was publishing 8 Things to do on your Blog when you’re Sick, and number four on Darren’s list was pointing back to something in your archive. I get the message so here are 9 posts I’ve written that don’t get enough love and that you may not have seen.

You may or may not know it, but I use Firefox as my primary browser and I’m an extension junkie. I have 63 extensions installed and enabled at the moment and I’m almost always looking for more to try out. Lat year I posted my favorite Firefox extensions for web developers and my favorite Firefox extensions for SEOs. One extension I missed in the latter post since it wasn’t available at the time is Aaron Wall’s SEO for Firefox extension, which is great for competitive analysis. I may need to update my two posts since a lot of new extensions have been released since I wrote them.

After getting tired of hearing yet another question looking for the secret formula to SEO I wrote the somewhat tongue-in-cheek The Secret SEO Formula to #1 Ranking. The post makes a simple point, but I’ve always liked it.

Last October I shared with you where I get my ideas for blog posts. Looking over the post now I realize I still get ideas from the same sources, though I think I’m getting better at organizing my ideas.

The 5 Step Sales Process Online was an early foray into writing about business that wasn’t specifically tied to a search engine. Similarly The Rule Of Three And Sales Conversions was less to do with search and more to do with a simple rule that seems to be present in so many areas of life.

I didn’t know much about .htaccess files and redirecting URLs prior to writing 301 Redirects For Improved SEO, but I did know a lot after a little research. Redirection issues are now one of the first things I’ll look at when beginning an optimization project.

While I talk a lot about seo and blogging and business, at heart I’m still a coder and I love playing with css and discovering new things I can do with it. I was hoping IE7 would be able to handle the border-radius property, but Microsoft decided not to let us play with curves. Still, you can create shapes with css borders and do some amazing things with css, like CSS House and CSS House 2, which are both Chris Hester creations.

And speaking of Internet Explorer if you develop sites you’ve cursed at IE at least once or twice. It’s really not as bad as a lot of people think and if you develop to standards first and then tweak things a little for IE it will save you a lot of headaches. You will likely have a few IE specific hacks in any site development and using conditional comments is the best way to deal with Internet Explorer bugs.

There you have a few posts I’ve always liked, but don’t give enough love from in the form of links back to them. Hopefully they’re either new to you or worthy of a re-read.

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