Your Favorite Blogs Of 2006

Before the holidays Search Engine Journal began taking votes for readers favorite search blogs in a variety of categories. The results have started to come in with no real surprises, but the nominees do make for an excellent reading list. And the winners are…

The top 5 search bloggers of 2006 as voted by SEJ readers are:

The numbers in parenthesis are the votes each blogger received and you can view the rest of the list at Best Search Blogger of 2006. Most of the names will probably be known to you and if their not they should be.

Kudos to the readers for voting SEOmoz best seo blog of the year. Along with SEO Book, also in the top 5, it’s probably the blog that has taught me the most over the past year and it’s certainly worthy of the award. Readers were asked to rate each blog on a scale of 1-5 and the numbers following each are the average rating.

The only surprising thing here is that given averages in the 3’s some people were voting these blogs lower. I suspect low votes were from those who wanted a different blog to win. It’s hard to find fault with any and you’ll notice that outside of Todd Mailcoat replacing Danny Sullivan on the list the two lists are the same. I suspect had Danny’s blog been online for most of the year the lists might have been the same.

You can find the rest of the list at Best SEO Blog of 2006 and again the names will be both familiar and worth reading.

If you look back at the original vote post you’ll notice several other categories of awards so I assume we’ll be seeing a few more award posts from Search Engine Journal over the next few days. Even if not have a look at all the nominees since all make for a good read.

It should also be noted that Search Engine Journal itself is a great blog though for obvious reasons was ineligible for these awards.

Outside of friend’s sites like Improve The Web and Pro-SEO I think the nominees do a good job of covering my current reading list. Though technically not a search blog I would like to have seen CopyBlogger make the list since in addition to offering posts about writing better there are a lot of seo tips inside. Besides improving your writing is only going to help your optimization efforts.

So what are some your favorite search blogs that didn’t make the list?

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