Double Digit Conversion Rates Through Landing Page Optimization

In order to maximize the success of a landing page you must have a clear methodology and process in place. Invesp’s conversion framework provides a blueprint to the construction of your landing page. The conversion framework has allowed us to see an average of 14.56% and 238% increases in conversion rates for our clients in 2007 alone.

I read a lot of ebooks. Most aren’t good, some are ok, and a small few are extremely useful. One book in the last category is Invesp’s new Landing Page Optimization guide. The book will help you improve conversions on your site, specifically on your landing pages and shows you that double digit conversions are not only possible, but how to achieve them.
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Increase Sales, Conversions, And Profits With The “Rule Of Odds”

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?
–Pliny the Elder, Natural History

I came across an interesting post yesterday by Dan Tudor about how using odd numbers is more profitable than using even numbers. After a little digging there seems to be a “rule of odds” in composition, which may serve as a general theory to the rule of three I mentioned in the past.
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Can You Convince A Million People?

Seth Godin wrote an interesting post yesterday on how to make a million dollars in which he breaks down the numbers on how many sales you need at what price point to earn that million.

One popular method is to make a dollar in profit from each of a million people. Or a penny from a hundred million. This is the China strategy. It almost never works.

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Does Long Copy Convert Better Than Short Copy?

I’m sure you’ve seen those long, long pages with copy that goes on forever. Those pages you need to scroll through screen after screen of copy to even find the price of the item for sale and the form to fill out in order to buy it. Pages with half of the words highlighted in yellow and the more you see them the more they look like spam. Could it be though, that those pages with the long copy actually convert better than pages with shorter copy?

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The Rule Of Three And Sales Conversions

A simple rule in writing suggests that things that are grouped in threes are more satisfying to the reader and are more effective than any other number of things at delivering a message. For whatever reason human beings tend to think of things in triplets. We remember things best in threes and scan visual elements better when grouped in three. By using and appropriately breaking the rule of three can we improve conversions on our websites?

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