Double Digit Conversion Rates Through Landing Page Optimization

In order to maximize the success of a landing page you must have a clear methodology and process in place. Invesp’s conversion framework provides a blueprint to the construction of your landing page. The conversion framework has allowed us to see an average of 14.56% and 238% increases in conversion rates for our clients in 2007 alone.

I read a lot of ebooks. Most aren’t good, some are ok, and a small few are extremely useful. One book in the last category is Invesp’s new Landing Page Optimization guide. The book will help you improve conversions on your site, specifically on your landing pages and shows you that double digit conversions are not only possible, but how to achieve them.

The book is organized in four chapters.

  1. An Introduction to landing pages and conversions
  2. Setting the Stage for landing page optimization
  3. Conversion Optimization Principles
  4. Developing the Best Landing Page

While I don’t consider myself an expert on either conversions or landing pages I do consider myself well versed in both and still there was a lot of new information for me to absorb.

The early parts of the book make the case for why conversion rates are important. Khalid and the team offer a wealth of statistics to show how much money you stand to gain by implementing some simple steps to improved conversions. They also provide data to show how much money you might be leaving on the table by ignoring conversion best practices.

The beginning chapters will also explain exactly what a conversion is and how to calculate your success or lack of success. I particularly enjoyed the sections that look at various analytics metrics, showing you why it’s important not to draw conclusions based on any single metric, but rather to look at them in combination to gain a better picture of how well your site is performing.

Conversion and Landing Page Optimization

The meat of the book is in the third chapter which discusses conversion optimization and shares the 8 principles of The Conversion Framework ™ which Invesp uses to increase conversion rates for their clients.

  1. Target Market/Persona Development
  2. Trust and Confidence
  3. Engagement
  4. Buying Stages
  5. FUDs
  6. Incentives
  7. Test
  8. Iterative Process

Each of the 8 principles is explained in detail and case studies are used throughout to show you how each leads to more sales and greater lead generation. The chapter will help you keep your design and copy focused on the goal of conversion, help you engage your readers to keep them on your site and bring them back, and show you how to lead your visitors down the conversion funnel to turn them into paying customers.

The last chapter puts everything together and teaches you how to incorporate the conversion principles into your landing pages. I would have liked to have seen more before and after screen shots, perhaps a walk-through of a turning a poorly converting landing page into a better on, but even without these images the information is clear and you should have no problem directly applying it to your site.

There is one place where I think the book misses the mark. The book comes across to me more about conversion optimization in general with a specific focus on landing pages than a book only about landing page optimization. That’s actually a good thing since you can apply the information beyond your landing pages and across every page on your site.

The book will set you back $95, but when you consider that even one or two tips within can bring you a return many times that price, it’s well worth the investment.

Anyone following the advice inside should be able to increase conversions on their site, quite possibly into double digit rates. Given how much money that could mean for your business I’d highly recommend reading Landing Page Optimization.

A campaign is only as successful as the landing page created for it. Optimizing your landing page will allow you to reap the benefits of every campaign you run. And although every element throughout an online marketing effort is important; the landing page is where you have the opportunity to convert the prospect into a customer.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the heads up regarding this book. Look for to testing and measuring the information in it.

    Always love learning new stuff thats been tested and proven to work.


  2. I’m glad I could point you to it Scott. I’m not sure how much you know about conversions and landing pages, but there’s definitely some good information in the book. If you do buy it I hope you find it worthwhile.

    The book won’t tell you specifically do this or do that, though it does have a number of case studies showing how certain changes improved conversions. It is filled with a lot of general principles you can follow to improve your own site.

  3. This post is a good reminder that optimizing the Adwords ad isn’t the only way to increase conversions. A great ad pointing at a lame landing page isn’t going to get anything done, and sometimes the extra effort can be more effectively spent on the landing page than on the referring ad.

    (FYI, Steven, the redesigned site is giving me an excuse to go back and read some of your older posts.)

    • Definitely. No matter how you get people to your site you still need to convert them once there. I’m not sure if you purchased Khalid’s book, but it’s a good read and worth the price.

      Cool that the new design is giving you a reason to explore older posts. While moving everything here I had a lot of opportunity to look over some of my older posts too. It was really interesting to observe my own development as a blogger.

      I can see a big difference in posts now as compare to posts from a couple of years ago.

  4. I did see the post. I have a hard time believing those conversions rates just like you. 1 in 5 visitors turning into a sale seems high. I wonder how a conversion was defined in the report.

    I suppose it’s possible given that most people might be going to a site like Office Depot with the intent on buying something.

  5. Onsite optimization means so much when it comes to conversions, and its a shame that some of the bigger corporations cant get that through their head. I use for insurance leads as a second source of income and feel the my return could be a lot better if their landing pages were more up to date. If a customer doesnt feel comfortable in the first few seconds than they are gone…. its all about presentation.

    • I wish more companies paid attention to it too. Then again if they don’t it means more work for me. :)

      If am affiliate doesn’t have a good landing page you can always try working with another and see if that improves your revenue. If it does you can make the switch permanent.

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