The 5 Step Sales Process Online

All customers go through a 5 step buying process when making a purchasing decision. On the other side there is a 5 step selling process. If you want to make more sales on your website you should build your site so it utilizes this sales process and and leads potential customers along the way and converts them into paying customers.

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Calls To Action For Improved Sales

When a visitor comes to your site you want them to take action. You want them to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. Maybe you just want them to click deeper into your site or continue reading the next page of your article. No matter what you want them to do you need to provide calls to action on your pages to direct visitors to the action you want them to take.

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Conversions And Personality Types

All the traffic in the world won’t mean much if your website doesn’t convert that traffic into paying customers. But when it comes to conversions not all people will react to your words in the same way. Though there are an infinite number of personalties they can be reduced to 4 distinct personality types for the purposes of conversions, each of which will need to be converted in a different way.

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