Are CSS Tables Better Than HTML Tables?

Mention css and tables in the same sentence and controversy is sure to follow. Web designers like myself have been telling you not to use html tables for layouts and now here we have a way to create tables with css alone.
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The CSS Display Property — Reintroducing A Familiar Friend

A few weeks ago I received an email from Pedro Reis asking if I would write a post about the css display property. I thought it would make for an interesting topic as the display property sits at the heart of a lot of what we do in css layouts.
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CSS Selectors: Should You Optimize Them To Perform Better?

For the last few weeks I’ve been looking at different css selector patterns. One thing I haven’t mention is the efficiency of the selectors, something Chad commented about on the very first post in the series.
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How To Use Structural Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Element Selectors

The last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at different types of css selectors. First we looked at the simple and attribute selectors and then we looked at combinators and some pseudo class selectors.
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How To Use CSS Combinators and Simple Pseudo Class Selectors

Last week we began looking at some of the selectors we have available for hooking css styles into our html. We briefly touched on some simple selectors and mainly focused on attribute selectors.

This week I want to continue and talk specifically about combinators before starting to cover pseudo class selectors.
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