Understanding Style Precedence in CSS: Specificity, Inheritance, and the Cascade

Have you ever run into the situation where you’re trying to apply a css style to an element, but it won’t take? Your page it seems to be ignoring your css, but you can’t figure out why. Maybe you found yourself using !important or adding an inline style as a last resort. There’s a good chance the problem you encountered was one of css precedence.
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How To Organize CSS Files?

You might have noticed the title of this post is phrased as a question. That’s because this post isn’t meant as a me telling you how to organize your css, but rather it’s intended as an open discussion. I’ll share some thoughts and I hope those of you who are css coders will chime in with some thoughts of your own.
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CSS Q&A 1: Answers To Your CSS Questions

Last week I asked you to ask me some of your css related question. You did and now it’s my turn. Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments below and I’ll respond in kind. I’ll be happy to turn this CSS Q&A into a regular post if enough questions keep coming in.

If you scan this post you’ll see there is quite a lot so let’s get to your questions
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Looking over at the latest poll running in the sidebar, I see quite a few of you consider yourselves css newbies. Seems like a good opportunity to ask you to ask me some of your css questions. I’ll do what I can to help increase your skills.
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100 Free CSS Resources

I get a good amount of requests asking me to do things like exchange links or mention a specific piece of content. Normally I don’t respond, since the majority aren’t worth talking about, but a couple of days ago I had a request from Rich McIver asking me to take a look at a list of 100 Free CSS Resources. I did take a look and there are a lot of very useful resources worth calling to your attention.
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