Google Hates “Design”

I have no idea what Google does or doesn’t think about design in general, but they seem to not like an intitle: search where the word “design” is part of the query and quotes are used around the phrase. I’m assuming this is a glitch of some sort, but here’s what I’m seeing anytime I try. Anyone else seeing the same or similar?
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Twas The Night Before Google

‘Twas the night before Google, when all through the web,
Not a spider was crawling, not even MSN;
The websites were hosted on servers with care,
In hopes that one Googlebot soon would be there;
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What If Google Needed To SEO Their Site?

What if Google had to design their user interface for…well…themselves? What if they had to account for the links they’d need to rank or the need to maintain fresh content? What if they needed to do some social media marketing and had to make sure they optimized on-page content? Maybe if they needed to do all those things to please their own algorithm the simple interface we all know and love would look a little different?
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Which Is More Evil – Google Or Paid Links?

On Sunday Danny Sullivan posted to say that Google might indeed penalize sites selling links by drops in ranking and or PageRank. Danny’s post set off another round in the paid links debate with SEOs and bloggers weighing in on all sides of the issue. Instead of overwhelming you more than usual in tomorrow’s This Week In SEO post I decided to break out some of the links I’ve collected the last few days and present them here.
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Google Agressively Pushing Personalization?

A couple of minutes ago I went to Google, but instead of the usual I was presented with an overlay asking me to make selections to customize an iGoogle home page. The only way to close the overlay was to make a selection. I chose the default theme as I already have an iGoogle page and was able to get back to the search box. Is this new?
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