Google Ain’t Perfect – d’oh

I caught this light and funny story ealrier and thought I’d write a quick post for anyone who hadn’t seen it. Seems Google accidentally deleted their official blog on Monday. I thought everyone could use a little humor to help get them through the rest of the week.

Here’s an article with more about it called Oops! Google accidentally deletes its blog if you want to read more. The gist of the story though is that after first thinking they were hacked Google discovered it was an internal mistake that caused the blog to be unavailable.

Someone named Trey Phillips noticed what had happened and that the blog had become unregistered so he re-registered the the username for it. Before he could do much with the blog though, Google had retaken control of things. I’m sure there are a few more articles about this out there. I’ll bet a search on Google itself will bring up a lot.

Just goes to show no one is perfect. Even Google.

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