Google Hates “Design”

I have no idea what Google does or doesn’t think about design in general, but they seem to not like an intitle: search where the word “design” is part of the query and quotes are used around the phrase. I’m assuming this is a glitch of some sort, but here’s what I’m seeing anytime I try. Anyone else seeing the same or similar?

Google 403 Forbidden error message to an intitle: search query
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I’m only seeing this on an intitle: search that includes the word design and wraps quotes around the phrase.

intitle:design works fine
intitle:”design” leads to the error message above

intitle:”web company” works fine
intitle:”web design company” leads to the error message

I’ve been trying different queries around the word design with and without quotes for the last hour and always the same results. Is it a glitch? Is this known? It’s new to me. Are virus and spyware applications really that concerned with the word “design” to the point that Google is blocking the query.

Anyone seeing something similar?

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