Google Releasing Click Fraud Data To Advertisers

If you’re an AdWords advertiser you may notice a new feature in your account if you haven’t already logged in to see it. As of yesterday Google began to release click fraud statistics as part of the AdWords reporting system.

With invalid clicks estimated at 14.1% in the second quarter of this year and rising, advertisers have been demanding more information. Until now advertisers had only third party vendors from which to get data. The reports by Google are no doubt in part an effort to regain the trust of many who have begun to question the program.

Seems like a good move on the part of Google to become more transparent to it’s customers and something we’ve all wanted to see with many things Google. I wouldn’t mind seeing them share the click-fraud data with AdSense publishers as well. It’s not just advertisers who are affected by invalid clicks. Publishers also lose out with click-fraud and many claim to have been banned from the program because of those invalid clicks.

Google won’t be releasing the data to the general public. No doubt to prevent many of the fraudsters from attempting to reverse engineer things,which has always been the reason given for the lack of transparency. Still it’s a move in the right direction

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