Google Drops Da Bomb On Googlebombing

So is George W. Bush a miserable failure or not? Google’s not saying any longer. You make the call.

Ever since Matt Cutts posted on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, the news has been spreading that Googlebombing is no more. When I originally heard the news I assumed this was something done manually, but Google says it’s being done algorithmically and who am I to argue.
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Is Google Losing Money With Checkout?

The short answer is yes.

However losing money is part of the plan to market Checkout for the next year. Google has extended free processing for merchants till the end of 2007 in an effort to get more merchants to sign up. Even better might be the $10 off all any purchase Google will be giving to customers who pay with Checkout.
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Click To Call Debuts In Google Maps

The Google Blog announced earlier this morning that Google Maps has added a new click to call feature for businesses who have signed up for a listing through Google Local Business Center. At first glance it’s both very easy to use and useful for both searches and businesses. But first glances can be deceiving sometimes.
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Multivariate Testing With Google Website Optimizer

Testing variations in your design and copy and measuring which variations lead to higher conversions is an important part of doing business online. A/B split tests are relatively easy to set up on your own, but multivariate testing can be much harder or too expensive for small business owners to implement. Google will make it easier for anyone in their AdWords program by offering their new Website Optimizer tool.

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Google Docs & Spreadsheets: The New Online Office Application

Earlier today saw the release of Google Docs & Spreadsheets, a combination of Writely and Google SpreadSheets, packaged into what is undoubtedly the beginning of an online office application from the search engine. Writely comes with a new Googlized interface, and while Google Docs is more a combination of existing products it should be seen as a clear message to Microsoft that Google is making it’s way into the online office space.

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