PR Update Has Started

If you’re a frequent forum visitor this is probably old news, since it happened all of a day ago, but for those of you that aren’t active on forums the latest toolbar PR update has started at Google. Along with the PR update Google is updating the number of backlinks they’ll show for your site as they usually do at this time.

The update is not instantaneous and will take a couple of days or weeks before it all settles. Depending on the changes for your site and pages you may not even see a change, but most websites will see something different. I’ve yet to notice a PageRank change on any page of this site, though like I said I may not. I have noticed a decrease in the number of backlinks that are showing, but if I remember correctly I saw the same thing during the last update before they finally went up and stayed up once the dust had settled.

Early indications show sites that previously held a PageRank of 0 now have some PR and that most other sites haven’t noticed a change. I’ve also seen reports from others that have also seen in decrease in backlinks showing, though have yet to see any reporting more links being displayed.

Regardless of the change or lack of change it’s really nothing to be concerned about since PR isn’t the end all or be all of where your pages will rank and no matter how many backlinks Google shows for your pages they know about considerably more. Still the update is one of those times that seems to get site owners excited (or anxious) and I thought I would let anyone who wasn’t aware yet know that the update was in progress.

There are many tools that claim to predict what you’re PageRank will be after the update. I won’t link to them here, since most are inaccurate, but if you really want to see what they predict just do a search for ‘pr predictor’ or ‘pagerank prediction’ or something similar and I’m sure you’ll be able to find many.

So have fun and wait for the update to complete and then hope back on the forums to either let everyone know how well the update treated you or ask questions about why it didn’t treat you fairly. Or you can always ignore it.

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