Toolbar PR Update In Progress?

Seems like we can all get excited again over something meaningless. There might be another toolbar PR update going on as has been asked about, worried about, and predicted since the last update. Lots of hype ahead about the update and much ado about nothing really.

If you’re interested you can check the Live Pagerank site and check your toolbar PR across multiple data centers. I checked a couple of client sites that went live after the last page rank update and should be showing 0 PR across the board. They are showing some PR at some of the data centers, which likely means an update is in progress.

It’s been predicted to happen in early October and given it’s almost October the timing seems about right. No matter it’ll happen when it happens and we’ll all get excited again over something meaningless. Much ado about nothing.

Thanks to Matt at Pro Seo for alerting me to the news.

Added Monday 10/2/2006

Turns out the updates did indeed start Friday. Matt Cutts himself confirmed in his New Toolbar Pageranks Visible post.

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