Value Is In The Perception Of The Beholder

What is value? Can value ever be determined 100% objectively? Which is woth more, real value or perceived value? Which is more important to your blog? To your business?
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The Changing Nature Of Marketing

Do you talk with your customers or do you talk at them?

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Can You Be Found Where People Are Looking?

Do you know where your prospective customers spend their time online? Do you maintain a presence in those places?

Last night I came across an AP article about the recent search engine purchases of ad networks and why it’s a sign of how things are changing on the web. I encourage you to give the article a read, but the main point I want you to take from it is the idea that how and where people are spending time online is becoming more fragmented and most people are interacting less and less with a single source of information.
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Are You Worthy Of A $14,500 Dessert?

That’s the question a resort in Sri Lanka is asking, in offering the world’s most expensive dessert. You’re initial reaction to a $14,500 dessert is probably along the same lines as mine. You’re possibly wondering who would be dumb enough to think an after dinner treat is worth that much money. But the resort is not asking if “The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence” is worth $14,500. Of course it isn’t. No dessert is. What the resort is asking in typical Seth Godinese is are you worthy of this dessert that costs $14,500.
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Happy 25th Smiley Face :-) An Example In Viral Marketing

A slice of birthday cake

25 years ago tomorrow the text based smiley face was born. It’s unlikely Carnegie Mellon professor Scott E. Fahlman knew the ideavirus he was unleashing when he posted the simple combination of colon, dash, open parenthesis, to form :-) giving birth to the digital horizontal smiley face, but that’s exactly what he did. Professor Fahlman launched an example of viral marketing that’s still spreading to this very day.
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